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We specialise in developing really effective learning environments for children. We use The Communication Friendly Spaces™ Approach as a framework for review, to help you to re-think the way you use your environment more effectively, to support children’s learning.

Elizabeth Jarman conceptualised this approach in 2006. She says, "we need to challenge historical stereotypes around the way that environments have traditionally been set up for children, based on what we know today about brain development, language aquisition, child development and attachment theory. It's time for a re-think!"

We are the sole provider of CFS™ training. We supply a wide range of CFS™ products including our inspiring CFS™ Bag Collections. We fund action research projects to understand more about children’s preferred contexts for learning. We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations on a consultancy basis. 

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The ELIZABETH JARMAN® Case Study Collection!

CS Collection Cover POD PaperbackThis fantastic collection of CFS™ Case Studies demonstrate the impact of the CFS™ Approach in a wide range of contexts.

100 pages packed with images and ideas! An essential read for all teachers and practitioners!












If you are ordering from overseas, please email your order to info@elizabethjarmantraining.co.uk and we will advise shipping costs.

Please call the office on: (+44) 01233 822193
Email us at: info@elizabethjarmantraining.co.uk


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An ELIZABETH JARMAN® Reading Village, developed with Cosy. An instant ‘pop up’ collection of different spaces which collaboratively transform hall type areas into really inviting places to be, to engage and focus, all within minutes, requiring minimal storage space too. Click here for more information