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CFS™ Bags for Practitioners

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We regularly get feedback from speech and language therapists, Teaching Assistants and other professionals telling us about the challenging environments within which they regularly work with children and families.

"I often work in centres or rooms where there is frequent background noise or lots of visual clutter"

"Last week the room I was given was so big even I felt lost, it’s no wonder the child I was working with didn’t want to speak!"

"Some spaces that I work in are so adult orientated that children clearly feel anxious being there and this affects their ability to relax and communicate."

"I’ve noticed how distracted many of the children and families are when I visit them at home; it’s hard to help them to focus on my intervention when the television is on."

Very often we can’t change the situation or the location but now we can change the working space we use with CFS™ Bags for Practitioners.

CFS Bags for Practitioners

CFS™ Bags for Practitioners offer you a carefully selected range of portable, easy to store and useful resouces which can be used anywhere to create a Communication Friendly Space™ (CFS™). This can dramatically improve the outcomes of your intervention. You can provide an area of interest for a child where they can focus on the task in hand, connect with you without being distracted and engage in high level interaction.


A set of Communication Friendly Spaces™ Bags for Practitioners includes:

  • 3 different bags, each containing materials and resources which reflect the principles of CFS™
  • An introductory DVD with case studies.

Set of 3: £185 – including VAT – Available now from our online store. Please call 01233 822193 for more information.


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* An ELIZABETH JARMAN® Reading Village, developed with Cosy. An instant ‘pop up’ collection of different spaces which collaboratively transform hall type areas into really inviting places to be, to engage and focus, all within minutes, requiring minimal storage space too. Click here for more information *