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CFS™ Environment Audit

A CFS™ Environment Audit will help you to identify practical ways to improve your learning environment, based on Elizabeth Jarman’s research into the impact of the physical environment on children’s dispositions and readiness to engage. It's a great way to focus everyone's attention on the learning environment and inspire development!

One of our core team will spend a day in your school or setting, including:

  • 1: 1 time with the head or manager
  • Whole team feedback presentation
  • An action plan report to summarise suggested development points
  • Follow up online support package

"Lots of food for thought - especially around transition from EYFS to KS1 in terms of layout of the learning environment and curriculum organisation."
Nottinghamshire head.




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* An ELIZABETH JARMAN® Reading Village, developed with Cosy. An instant ‘pop up’ collection of different spaces which collaboratively transform hall type areas into really inviting places to be, to engage and focus, all within minutes, requiring minimal storage space too. Click here for more information *