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An ELIZABETH JARMAN® Reading Village for Cosy

In a world full of noise and visual distraction, it can be really difficult for children to concentrate, which can be frustrating, exhausting and stop children focusing. ELIZABETH JARMAN® and Cosy have worked collaboratively to create a Reading Village; a fully portable collection of items which can be quickly set up to offer a perfect space to read, think and focus. The design means that it’s economical on storage too. The Reading Village kit can transform potentially underused communal spaces in your school into places where children can gather and work together, read independently or spend time on their own if they need to temporarily ‘retreat,’ whilst still remaining connected within a group space. It’s ideal for focused lessons, clubs, lunchtimes, libraries and interventions.

Why does the Reading Village work?

  • The whole space is defined by the use of circular rugs. The screening effect of the structures creates an inviting area.
  • Inside, children can discover a range of adjustable spaces to suit their preferences- such as the large, textured baskets, which offer containment, just big enough for one.
  • High ceilings are lowered by the enclosed spaces, which also act as an acoustic buffer, quietening any ‘bouncing’ excess noise- often a key cause of distraction.
  • The colours are neutral in tone, prompting calm behaviours alongside the important addition of softness.
  • The Reading Village can be set up and packed away in minutes!

Early feedback suggests that children are calmer in the village, enjoying the different contexts it provides. Boys especially have been drawn to the space and reading activity is definitely on the up! One school have 12 villages scattered through the building inside and out and have found this supports transition and also offers intervention spaces.




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* An ELIZABETH JARMAN® Reading Village, developed with Cosy. An instant ‘pop up’ collection of different spaces which collaboratively transform hall type areas into really inviting places to be, to engage and focus, all within minutes, requiring minimal storage space too. Click here for more information *