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The Communication Friendly Spaces™ Approach


The Communication Friendly Spaces™ (CFS™) Approach focuses on the role of the environment in supporting speaking and listening skills, emotional well-being, physical development and general engagement. Elizabeth Jarman conceptualised and developed this approach and now works internationally with partners as a consultant, delivering conference keynotes, training, publishing and also leading action research projects.

Elizabeth Jarman says, ‘it’s critical to understand how the physical space should connect with its intention. I think it’s essential to tune into the environment from the learner’s perspective. To do this, it is really important to observe, reflect and then make informed decisions about the way that children and families interact with the environment if a developmentally appropriate, personalised, responsive learning space is to develop, reflecting preferred contexts for learning.’

The CFS™ Approach involves a great deal more than merely altering the appearance of a learning space. Understanding the theoretical base for the work is essential. With a significant evidence base, so far over 100,000 delegates have accessed CFS™ training globally, with significant impact captured through hard and soft data. Feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive.

‘This approach provides a framework for review and also begins to challenge some of the outdated historical stereotyped ideas about the way that environments are set up for children today,’ says Elizabeth Jarman.

The Communication Friendly Spaces Handbook(1) provides more information. The award winning ‘Place to Talk’ series also illustrates the theory in practice(2).

Click here to view a half hour programme, featuring the CFS™ Approach.

(1) The Communication Friendly Spaces Handbook can be ordered HERE and has a RRP of £25.00.
(2) A Place to Talk in Pack Away Settings, Children’s Centres, Extended Schools, Outside, In KS1, At My Childminders, For Boys, Pre schools, For Two Year Olds and For Babies by Elizabeth Jarman. Available HERE, RRP £8.99.


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* An ELIZABETH JARMAN® Reading Village, developed with Cosy. An instant ‘pop up’ collection of different spaces which collaboratively transform hall type areas into really inviting places to be, to engage and focus, all within minutes, requiring minimal storage space too. Click here for more information *